Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Starbuck teamed with Apple?

Its true! The too huge corparations have come together, and there is now a Starbucks section on iTunes music store. Its features music from starbucks along with loads of other cool things to entertain you. Will this wonderful partnership lead to Starbucks stores getting equiped with Macs, there is a market for it and I hope it happens!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mac Expo 2006

The UK’s leading exhibition and conference for the Mac community. With its doors open to both creative professionals and the public the show is the annual celebration of everything Mac and iPod. TICKET PRICES HELD AT JUST £6 UNTIL 7TH OCTOBER

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mac OS X Leopard

Check out the great new features of the new Leopard OS X due for realease in Spring 07.
A program called 'Time Machine' actually lets you flick back throught your hardrives history and revover files they you have actually deleted, this is a great new user friendly feature which I am sure will add to the attraction of buying an Apple Mac. Apple also seems to be using its Intel chips and new gen of graphic cards to its advantage by incorporating sleek 3D animations into many of their new OS' features and utilities. Get the full story at Apple

Rosetta Ratings

Roesetta seems to have given people mixed feelings, the unrealiable godsend from Apple allows Intel Mac users to run non unversial programs by converting the comands that normally only an IBM porcesser would be able to understand. How has Rosetta been for you? Please post a comment!

Windows Vista Realse Date

So will Vista go ahead and be realesed on December the 7th? Well apprently so, but there are however many major bugs and gliches. Be warned against downloading the Beta or Trial versions, they can screw up your systems and result in the full version of vista not working. It also seems to have an intresting likeness to Mac OS X with its doc and stylish icons, Microsoft also seemed to of copyed apple with their Zune media player. What will Apple have to say?

Nano Advert

Check out the new nano advert. Very cool. I love all of Apple adverts they always have syle and individuality.

New Nano

The older generations of nanos were said to be highly undurable, but how do the new ones compare. Like the old ones do they tend to snap in your pocket?

ipod Vs Zune

zune The much awaited Zune is due for realise next month, but how will Apple's iPod cope with the new media box rival. The Zune is said do have a lot more features and Microsoft have promised features such as music tradding over WIFI, but does the media player have the same style as the well known iPod?